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We Can Walk You Through
Buying and Selling Timber!

  • Step 1: Landowner Consultation - Be sure to talk to consult a professional before selling timber from your land
  • Step 2: Initial Woodlot Visit - Take a good look at the woodlot. It is always good to assess the lot before selling timber.
  • Step 3: Forest Management Recommendations - Do your research! Make sure that you are up to date on Forest Management and the timber market.
  • Step 4: Timber Marking and Inventory - Make sure that you have the correct timber marking. Then check your inventory.
  • Step 5: Woods Layout - Get a professional to take a look at the wood's layout. It can determine your sell, thus affecting your timber investment.
  • Step 6: Tree Count and Pricing - Get an accurate estimate of the tree count and timber pricing before agreeing.
  • Step 7: Contract Development - Get a solid contract developed that outlines exactly what needs to be sold and the value of timber.
  • Step 8: Pay for Timber - Get the accurate pricing and pay for the timber.
  • Step 9: Schedule Timber Harvesting - Schedule the appropriate time for harvest and discuss the tree harvesting methods that will be used.
  • Step 10: Timber Management - Call W.K. Brown Timber Corp for timber management help before selling timber.
  • Step 11: Timber Broker - Choose W.K. Brown Timber Corp as your timber broker to manage your timber investment.

Following the steps above and choosing a company with a wide variety of services will guarantee that you have a positive experience in the entire process of selling timber from your land and will help ensure that you get the best timber prices. Remember, the most important step in selling timber is choosing the right timber business; call W.K. Brown Timber Corp at

(864) 374-3352.

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